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Welcome to the Victoria State Rose Garden website. With over 5000 roses (covering about 5 hectares), the Victoria State Rose Garden is one of the tourist gems of Victoria. 

Awarded the International Garden of Excellence by the World Federation Of Rose Societies in 2003, it was the first rose garden outside of Europe to receive this Award and the only one (at that time) cared for entirely by volunteers.

What's Happening Now In The Garden?

Hidden Rose Show Attendee! (Photo by Eric)



Post State Rose & Garden Show Visitor Comment...................................

I went to the festival over the weekend for the first time. It was amazing! I'll certainly go again.

Thought you might like this pic of someone keeping very still and quiet amidst all the hustle and bustle. 

Well done to all!!!   Eric




Full Bloom at the Rose and Garden Show

Last weekend Werribee put on an amazing display at the Rose and Garden Show.  The Rose Garden looked glorious and team of volunteers from the Rose Garden should be commended for the work they do.  The program of quality presenters, the channel 7 broadcasts on Friday night and the perfect weather combined with to ensure record numbers.
At the event the team from Werribee Visitor Information Centre spoke to over 1200 people from all over Victoria and from some exotic locations such as Mauritius.

kate.lind@wyndham.vic.gov.au (Tourism Matters Newsletter.)

 The STATE ROSE & GARDEN SHOW had 12,500 Visitors over the 2 days. 

You could always volunteer at the Garden and learn the answers to all those questions that have been bugging you for a long time.  What a fabulous place to volunteer........ Enjoy the following photos. 

19th Nov State Rose & Garden Show
19th Nov State Rose & Garden Show
19th Nov State Rose & Garden Show
19th Nov State Rose & Garden Show
19th Nov State Rose & Garden Show
19th Nov State Rose & Garden Show
19th Nov State Rose & Garden Show
19th Nov State Rose & Garden Show
19th Nov State Rose & Garden Show
19th Nov State Rose & Garden Show
2016 Rose Show
19th Nov State Rose & Garden Show

 Parks Victoria Kookaburra Awards 2016 

VOTE NOW Kookaburra Public Choice Award is open!

The Victoria State Rose Garden  has been entered in to the Kookaburra Public Choice Award.


NOVEMBER is the perfect time to visit.

(See more photos)    

Playboy C12
Thank You B20
Duchesse de Brabant cl Petal AF 09 & BF 01.
Crepuscule cl Petal CF 02.
Outback Angels HT Petal B18.
Brisbane Blush LB19
Fire & Ice, Taken by Christine.See also on Facebook
2015 State Rose & Garden Show
Tripods- a must see.

Another must see Tripod.

State Rose Garden Opening Times

From April to September 9.30 till 5 pm.    From October to April 9.30 till 6.30 (daylight saving time) 

 THE GARDEN IS OPEN EVERY DAY AND IS FREE TO VISIT. (Donations gratefully accepted) 

Please NOTE: special events at WERRIBEE PARK which could impact on access to the Rose Garden Click here for detailed list   Below next 2 events  

1.  One Electric Day, Sunday 27th November, 11.00a.m. till 8.00 p.m. Ticketed Event

2.  Carols By Candlelight, Saturday 10th December (Gates Open 5.30 Show starts 8.00pm) Ticketed Event


Formal Entrance for the Victoria State Rose Garden

The Formal Entrance for Victoria State Rose Garden is clearly visible from the carpark.

The improvement was long overdue with visitors previously unable to locate the garden entrance due to foliage and inadequate signage. It is now easy to see the large Metal Entrance Arch from the car park. It has State Rose Garden inscribed and a side panel showing the plan of the 4.5 hectare garden.

Entry is free but all donations are gratefully accepted as the Garden is maintained by volunteers. (Donation Tube inside the entrance)


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